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David Hurlbut


Ph.D. Public Policy,1999
Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
The University of Texas at Austin

Senior Economist, Public Utility Commission of Texas

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 "Irrigation for Sale: A Case Study of Water Marketing and Conservation in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas," doctoral dissertation, 1999. Browse PDF file

 "The Cultural Impact of Intellectual Property Forms: Biodiversity," in International Intellectual Property Anthology, eds. Anthony D'Amato and Doris Estelle Long (Cincinnati: Anderson Publishing, 1996), pp. 79-83.

 "Beyond the Montreal Protocol: Impact on Nonparty States and Lessons for Future Environmental Protection Regimes," Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, vol. 4, no. 2 (1993).

 "Fixing the Biodiversity Convention: Towards a Special Protocol for Related Intellectual Property," Natural Resources Journal, vol. 34, no. 2 (1994).

Overview of research interests